VIOBA Foundation Charity Gala Dinner. Celebrating VIOBA Foundation’s 50 Golden Years. March 2017 7:30 pm at the Grand Ballroom Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). For more details, please contact Mr. Mohd Irwan Rizal – 0122390079 or Mr. Rashdan Rashid – 0102260296


24 Jun 2016


[Founding of VIOBA]The VIOBA was founded. The principal objective in founding the VIOBA was to render assistance to the needy pupils of the schools. It was felt that no VI student should be unable to pursue his or her studies diligently because of want. The objective is valid until today. The VIOBA was also founded with the premise that there should be an association for ex-students where they can maintain the VI Spirit. The first clubhouse was located in a shop lot at 17 Rodger Street. The spacious building was provided by towkay Yap Fatt Yew, who incidentally was not an old boy.